Amy LaMeyer is a corporate development professional with over 15 years of experience in high growth technologies.  

She currently advises and supports start-ups in the VR/AR space with strategy development, fund raising and network connections. Amy is also a mentor of VR/AR accelerator programs and non profit organizations in the Bay Area.  She is a writer for Virtual Reality Pop and has been interviewed by Wired.  

 Amy has experience in M&A, strategic partnerships, divestitures, start-up accelerator and innovation  programs, international expansion, profitability modeling, financial and product operations and engineering scale.   Amy led integration and  diligence analysis of 20 acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic partnerships with aggregate value exceeding $1.5B.  She has been a key driver of cross functional teamwork, strategic alignment, financial analysis, due diligence, project management and integration execution.   She has spent the last year meeting with and learning about VR/AR technologies and markets and is looking forward to enabling VR/AR companies during this period of growth.

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