• Resources for Developers, Designers, Creators

For those that build and create!  More to come

  • The VR Book - human centered design by Jason Jerald Ph.D.
  • UX of VR  - curated resources on VR user experience by Mac Glenister @OMGMOG
  • ARVR Academy -  open source curriculum of immersive technologies, aiming to help anyone, regardless of prior experience or background to develop themselves within the growing AR VR community
  • LearnVR - Liv Erickson, High Fidelity, former Microsoft Developer Evangelist
  • Making360 - open source recommended by Barry Pousman, Variable Labs
  • Cinematic VR Film Guide - Jaunt Studios
  • moBack - AR VR Portal


Try it!  VR Experiences 

Coming soon, more on experiences and suggestions for first time users