Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) are quickly growing technologies that are on the verge of changing how we work, play and interact with each other.  VR is an immersive experience which takes the user into a new environment- whether computer generated or filmed.  Augmented or Mixed Reality combines computer generated images layered over or interacting with physical objects.  

Ultimately these extended realities will allow us to be anywhere, in anytime, with anyone and enable us to do things in 3D that are challenging or impossible in two dimensions. 

Though the current state of extended reality is being described as 'early days', 'scratching the surface', or 'just the beginning', it is a positive sign that most of the major technology companies now have efforts in this area including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, Sony, IBM, Amazon and more. 

On this site are the podcasters, conferences, creators, journalists and investors that were immensely helpful while learning about VR/AR/MR.  I hope it will further your interest and passion for extended reality technology and content.   Let me know about the resources you have learned from and anything that would make this site more useful via @amylameyer or   Please share this site and help VR/AR grow!